"This Audio-Book can show you the truth about yourself as Soul. We can look forward to a greater life than merely reliving former experiences, by becoming a conscious Soul handling the environment, body, life, spirit, or whatever you might call the ECK power, and participating in events of our own creation. Then life becomes the pleasure it should be and could have always been. (chapter 1) Discover the secret of imagination, the divine faculty of Soul which you can use to transform your life. Learn the seven fundamental spiritual laws which allow you to create your future in harmony with the universal Spirit, for the highest good of all concerned. If you want to master your destiny and become a Co-worker with God, this book can show you how to do it - by listening to the guidance of Divine Spirit." (Klappentext)

Twitchell, Paul The Flute of God (Audiobook, 4 audiocasettes) (Restbestand),EXTREMELY REDUCED PRICE

ISBN: 978-1-57043-035-0
  Einband: 4 Casetten
5.00 EUR  5.00 CHF

Artikelnr.: AUE00027



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