"Every story and gem of wisdom in this beautiful talk will speak to you of Soul's Golden Contract with the Mahanta. 'This is the golden contract,' says Sri Harold: 'Every encounter, without exception, is there to move all long spiritually on their way back home to God. That's every encounter, every event, without exception.'
Listen for your own inner awakenings as you hear the humorous saga of Shirley's realization of the golden contract, the heartwarming story of little Lulu bird's plea for aid in a dream, and a surprising act of true love for a neglected orange cat. There’s also the quiet way the ECK helps an autistic child, the story of a grieving man and his miraculous sign of hope via a white feather, and Christina’s wondrous journey to the Sun Worlds with Rebazar Tarzs. On another note, follow along as Sri Harold reaches into the past for an intriguing look at the history of Atlantis and its people. 'Every encounter, without exception, is there to move all along spiritually on their way back home to God.' Hold that in mind as you spend this richly rewarding hour with the Mahanta, the Living ECK Master, renewing your own golden contract!'' (blurb)

Track Titles:
  1. Welcome to the 2010 ECK Springtime Seminar
  2. What Is the Golden Contract?
  3. Shirley Remembers the Golden Contract
  4. Keeping Lulu Bird Safe
  5. Different States of Consciousness
  6. The Scruffy Orange Cat
  7. A Child's Rocker Brings Comfort
  8. A New Look at Atlantis
  9. The White Feather
  10. Christina Finds the Teachings of ECK
  11. Talk Summary

Klemp, Harold A Golden Contract (CD)

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