"With her autobiography "From Venus I Came", in which Omnec Onec describes the life on the astral dimension of Venus, she has already deeply touched thousands of people and led them to valuable realizations. Her books are unique testimonies of a higher consciousness, This "Venusian Trilogy" compiles Omnec's first three books in one. 'FROM VENUS I CAME' - Autobiography Part 1, 'ANGELS DON'T CRY' - Autobiography Part 2 and 'MY MESSAGE - Essence of spiritual teachings'.

Omnec Onec The Venusian Trilogy: From Venus I Came - Angels Don't Cry - My Message (Compiled Edition)

ISBN: 978-3-9523815-2-6
544 pages  Cover: Smartcover
25.00 EUR  27.00 CHF  27.00 USD

Article number: OMNEC012-1



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