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Publisher informations
Name: DAS GUTE BUCH Verlagsanstalt
Domicile: 9495 Triesen / Liechtenstein, Meierhofstrasse 18
Founded: 25.10.1983
Register-No.: FL-0001.086.540-8
Administration: Gertraud Wohlwend, 9497 Triesenberg / Liechtenstein
as executive director on the administrative board.

The "DAS GUTE BUCH Verlagsanstalt" is a commercial company registered into the commercial register of the principality of Liechtenstein since 1983 with the registration number FL-0001.086.540-8 (formerly H 678/48).

We offer books from the publisher's own publishing house as well as special books from various publishers, countries and areas which we have selected due to the valuable content of the works, according to our motto «a good book for a better life».

DAS GUTE BUCH (THE GOOD BOOK) intends to give people an enrichment of their awareness of life and to point to the inner spiritual values of each creature. The works shall inspire the reader to a responsible use of creation, all creatures and resources of our planet Earth. They should also provide information about a loving spiritual attitude, which is important for a happy, successful live in harmony with the universe. "Light and Sound" and "As above so below" - this ancient knowledge and wisdom of Trismegistus is an expression of the unity of creation with the Divine and the basis of this idea. The aim of DAS GUTE BUCH is to connect Esoteric (internal view) and Exoteric (external view) to a unit and to gain a new understanding of the laws of life in the sense of a "MESOTERIK" – that is to say - a “Teaching of the Middle”.

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