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"What is Soul? How do past lives affect us today? What is my purpose in life? Is Eckankar the right religion for me?Chelas (students of ECK) write to the Master with their deepest questions about life situations and loved ones, nightly dreams, and dreams of the heart. The responses in this book give direct insights that can benefit many. These excerpts from personal letters are shared to give Soul aid on Its journey home to God.In the form of questions and answers, each letter gives a spiritual boost to you as the words expand you vision. You’ll learn how every human situation is punctuated with the quest for spiritual freedom.The wisdom in this book can help you become happier, overcome fear, improve family relationships, learn self-discipline, be more creative, solve spiritual problems, and most important, open your heart.This book has been updated to include sidebar quotes that spotlight spiritual insights on each page.." (blurb)

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Klemp, Harold Ask the Master (Book 1) (earlier version)

ISBN: 978-1-57043-012-1
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