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"It takes a special individual—one who is filled with love, who has the Golden Heart—to wear the cloak, or mantle, of God. How does one surround himself with the cloak of God’s love? Through association with the Mahanta, the Living ECK Master and practice of the Spiritual Exercises of ECK.
Each of us can become free, as Soul. Then we can better recognize this cloak of divine love in our lives every day.
We protect ourselves from the harsh world by surrounding ourselves with a cocoon made up of our fears. But this sheath keeps us from enjoying a full, rich life. Through the Light and Sound of God, we learn to drop these fears and replace them with the cloak of God’s love. As we do, it’s as if our pockets were being emptied of heavy sandbags.
Soul becomes a little lighter, a little freer. This freedom brings a new ability to open your heart to love and joy.
There is much to contemplate within the pages of this fifth book of the Mahanta Transcripts series. Each story illustrates how you can bring the blessings of Divine Spirit into your daily life. A section of questions and answers gets to the heart of your relationship with the ECK. Other chapters show how to get the most out of your spiritual exercises and tell more about being a Co-worker with God." (blurb)

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