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"“The teachings of ECK,” says Sri Harold, “are about us being willing to change our state of consciousness to something better.” The Spiritual Life, Sri Harold’s eighth book in the Immortality of Soul series, gives clear guidance on how to do this every day.
The Spiritual Exercises of ECK are key. As the Master puts it, “The spiritual exercises build up spiritual momentum for Soul to realize the godlike being that It is.” If you contemplate just one quote from this book each day, you’ll find your spiritual life growing ever richer.
Sri Harold’s words will enliven your perspectives on Soul’s awakening, past lives, relationships, change and growth, creativity, setting spiritual goals, and more.
The special spiritual pulse in this book speaks directly to Soul, whether you’re new to the ECK teachings or a longtime ECKist. Give this beautiful hardcover book to yourself as a divine treat, and consider additional copies for seekers who would be interested in lear-ning the secrets of living a spiritual life. " (blurb)

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Klemp, Harold The Spiritual Life

ISBN: 978-1-57043-359-7
146 Seiten  Einband: Hardcover
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