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The Wonder within You
Autor: Klemp, Harold

Released at the 2022 ECKANKAR Soul Adventure Seminar, (large paperback, 278 pages)

Adventures with the Spiritual Exercises of ECK for Youth!

"Life is Spiritual journey to fulfill your highest destiny.

How you look, what you do, or how many friends you have isn't what defines you.

You are you-Soul! Special because you are a spark of God.

And so is everyone else around you. Yet each of us is totally unique and irreplaceable. There is no one like you! And you can be a beacon of love by shining your one-of-a-kind light in the world.


The Spiritual Exercises of ECK in this book can benefit you in every positive way you can imagine. They can help you
  • build a happy life,
  • expand your confidence and creativity,
  • hear inner guidance and solve your own problems,
  • find comfort and peace,
  • open wide the doors to Soul adventures on earth and in your inner worlds.

    They are a true gift from God to you. All youhave to do is open your heart to a new adventure. Give them a try!" (blurb)

    ISBN: 978-1-57043-534-8
    278 Seiten  Einband: Softcover
    20.00 EUR  20.00 CHF      (Preis ohne MWST; siehe hier unsere Angaben dazu)
    Artikelnr.: BE00215
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