CD Re-Release in Spring 2021 (1990 ECK European Seminar, The Hague, Netherlands)

"This Eckankar CD features Harold Klemp, the spiritual leader of Eckankar, speaking at the 1990 ECK European Seminar The Hague, Netherlands.
He is the author of Past Lives, Dreams, and Soul Travel, along with more than one hundred other published works about Soul’s journey home to God. Known as a pioneer of „everyday spirituality,“ he is helping many thousends discover the way of bringing the enlightenment of Soul into everyday life and practice." (blurb)

Track Titles:
  1. Time for a Change
  2. Trust between You and the ECK
  3. Molly and the Thermostat
  4. Watch It!
  5. Spiritual Exercises-Insider Information

Klemp, Harold A Fool of God

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Artikelnr.: CDE00289



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